Logitech Revue Google TV Teardown Reveals Netbook At Heart

Fixit produced another of their legendary tear-downs today, this time examining the inner workings of the Logitech (s LOGI) Revue Google TV (s GOOG) set-top box. What they found reminded them very much of a plain old netbook: Logitech’s Revue features a regular-sized Gigabyte motherboard, a 1.2 GHz Atom CE4150 processor that comes with a with a 400 MHz GPU?, 1 GB of RAM and a total of 5 GB of Flash memory.

Of course, the Revue isn’t just a netbook with a different label. It has a number of special-purpose hardware extensions, including an HDMI port used for picture-in-picture viewing of live TV and websites. iFixit also took apart the keyboard and found a Synaptics (s SYNA) T1021A touch controller, which is the same as the one used in the Microsoft Kin 2.

How does this compare to the Apple (a AAPL) TV? Apple used one of its new A4 processors in its living room device, clocked at 1 GHz, and added a generous 8 GB of RAM. Essentially, the Apple TV specs were very close to the iPad, but Apple tried really hard to give the device a very different form factor. Logitech’s Revue specs, on the other hand, are very similar to those of a netbook, and the company clearly didn’t bother to hide its ancestry all that much. Whether consumers care remains to be seen.

Image courtesy of iFixit.

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