ProofHQ Adds AV Proofing, We Have 3 Premium Accounts to Give Away!

ProofHQ is an online collaboration tool that allows for markup and review of files, web pages and documents; Imran thought it looked very impressive when he wrote about it back in March. Since then the company has been busy working on improving the tool and has recently added AV proofing to it, making ProofHQ into a “one-stop-shop” for proofing of design work across all media types.

AV proofing allows for reviewers to mark up video and audio files collaboratively; a wide range of formats is supported. Comments can be added to the timeline and applied to either a specific point in time or a over a duration, and can be repositioned simply by dragging and dropping the comments pin on the playhead. Reviewers can also use the tool to compare different versions of a movie.

To celebrate the release of the new AV proofing functionality, the company has kindly provided us with complimentary 12-month top-of-the-range Premium accounts (worth $3,588 each) to give away to three lucky readers. The first three readers to comment on this post will get a free subscription.

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