Vid Biz: DVD Kiosk Boom, Streaming-Only Netflix, Ivi Struggle

Comcast Takes Xfinity Video Out Of Beta; A Comcast announcement insists the service now comes with 150,000 paywalled content “choices,” though that includes many trailers and clips available elsewhere. (DSLReports)

How Google TV Could Hand Netflix the Entire Streaming Universe; If Google sticks to their guns of not paying up front for content like Netflix does, they will have handed Netflix the entire streaming universe on a platter, according to Mark Cuban. (blog maverick)

US Digital Home Entertainment Spend Up 23%; one of the biggest winners? Rental kiosks. (Broadband TV News)

Netflix Testing $7.99 and $8.99 Streaming-Only Plans in US Right Now; DVD rental service now trials packages without DVDs — one is not a discount. (Engadget)

ivi TV Reasserts its Legal Position; Files Motions to Deny Big Media Monopoly of Internet Television; linear TV streaming start-up keeps up the fight to stay up with new legal filing. (emailed release)