Apple Store iOS App Updated With Check-Ins, More

Long ago, there were rumors that a concierge app would come to the iPhone (s aapl) platform and bring reservations and other services to the device. Now, those features are here in version 1.1 of the Apple Store app, just released. It brings new location-based abilities and more.

The update comes on the heels of fresh rumors that did indeed predict the new services. Those services include the ability to reserve products for local pickup at Apple retail, add your Apple Store appointments to iCal, and check-in with the store when you arrive to let employees know you’re there.

Finally, if you’re making purchases through the app, you can add engraving and gift wrapping, features which are timed very nicely with the beginning of the holiday shopping season and the arrival of free iPad device engraving.

You can grab the updated app now for free in the App Store. It requires OS 3.0 or higher, though the new check-in and iCal features will only work on devices running 4.0 or above.