Steampunk Series Riese Now Live on SyFy

Happy Tuesday, steampunk fans! As promised earlier this month, Episode 1 of the independent web series Riese relaunched today on (s GE)

Riese: Kingdom Falling, re-edited in collaboration with the SyFy team, has a faster pace and voiceover narration by Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1), and the show’s fairy tale feel is now enhanced with the words “Once upon a time…” The original first episode was completely consumed by a fight between lost princess Riese (Christine Chatelain) and her pursuers; in this new take, there’s plenty of set-up and exposition establishing the kingdom of Eleysia, a kingdom in flux.

SyFy has an exclusive window for Riese‘s relaunch, keeping it geoblocked to the United States, but co-creator Ryan Copple promises via email that it will be available internationally “VERY soon.” The Riese iPhone game, which features narration by web maven Felicia Day, has also been submitted to Apple (s AAPL) and should be available for download by early next week, if not sooner. The show will also soon go live on Hulu, where plenty of behind-the-scenes content is already available. Amanda Tapping’s involvement is notable because her own independent web series, Sanctuary, made the transition to television in 2008 and has been a solid performer for SyFy ever since.

It’s that model which Riese may replicate, according to Copple in a phone interview earlier this month, depending on the show’s online performance and discussions with international broadcasters “interested in seeing how the web-to-TV development can work.”

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