The Lady Gaga v. Justin Bieber Battle Is Still a Draw

In the battle for the top of the YouTube (s GOOG) charts, Lady Gaga has set a new record, breaking the billion-view barrier thanks to her eye-catching and addictive music videos.

[youtube=] first caught that Lady Gaga’s VEVO channel on YouTube surpassed one billion views this Sunday, a victory the Lady Who Occasionally Wears Meat shared with her fans on Twitter:

Technically, though, Gaga probably passed the billion view mark earlier than Sunday, because there are two dedicated Gaga YouTube accounts. Currently, if you combine the “official” Lady Gaga account with the VEVO one, the total is 1.134 billion.

Justin Bieber, Gaga’s major competitor for views on YouTube, probably isn’t too bummed about being beaten on total views. The music video for the Ludacris collaboration Baby is still the most-viewed YouTube video of all time (now beating Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance by 70 million views), and the trailer for his biopic/concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (in theaters next February) is out today.


While my initial reaction to hearing about this project was to predict the 3-D apocalypse, that’s changed since the announcement that the original director, An Inconvenient Truth helmer Davis Guggenheim, dropped out and was replaced by Step Up 3-D and LXD director Jon M. Chu.

Never Say Never plays directly to Chu’s strengths: specifically, utilizing 3-D technology to create visual spectacle and filming awesome dance scenes. This does not guarantee that it’s going to be good, but the concert sections will at least LOOK good.

So I’m calling it a draw for right now, but it’s time for Lady Gaga’s team to step it up. Because THAT’s the 3-D concert film I want to see.

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