New Productivity-Boosting Gmail Labs Feature: Auto-Advance to Next Message

By default, after archiving (or deleting) a message in Gmail (s goog), you’re taken back to the inbox view. A new Gmail Labs feature, Auto-advance, modifies that behavior and instead takes you straight to the next message in your inbox. It should save some time when you’ve got a full inbox that you just want to power through, without having to constantly keep going back to the inbox view.

You can enable Auto-advance though Settings->Labs (also available by clicking the little green flask icon next to your email address top-right). Scroll down to “Auto-advance” and click the “Enable” button, then scroll down to the bottom and hit “Save Changes.”

After archiving, muting or deleting a message,  auto-advance will take you to the previous (next oldest) conversation in your inbox, which is logical for people who work through their inbox from newest to oldest. If you work the other way, and start with the oldest messages first, you can reverse the direction of Auto-advance so that it moves to the next newest conversation through Settings->General:

What are your favorite Labs features?

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