Taking the EVO 4G to the Powermat on Video

Charging gadgets without wires has been a dream for a long time, and it is finally coming into to own with the Powermat Wireless Charging System. The small charging mat couples with a special charging back on the EVO 4G in the video to charge the battery wirelessly. The technology works well, and it’s a testament to how far it’s come that you can walk into Best Buy (s bby) and pick one of these up for $60.


The EVO 4G is one of the thinnest Android (s goog) superphones available, and the key for the Powermat back cover that replaces the original EVO back is that it doesn’t add thickness to the phone once installed. In the video, the entire Powermat system is demonstrated, and it’s clear the folks behind the technology devoted a great deal of attention to detail in order to make it a viable consumer product.

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