Halloween Vid Picks: LXD, Spoilers, Walking Dead

It’s almost Halloween, and you may be already consumed by costume parties and whatnot this weekend. But if you’re looking for a quick video fix of spooky content, here are a few options.

Jon M. Chu’s The LXD has returned for a second season, this time focusing on villainous dancers as opposed to heroic ones, and this week’s new episode, “Rising,” has a supernatural edge. Though apparently the LXD creators have no belief in the occult? Okay, thanks for telling us.

And the Fine Bros. have released a new video in their patented series of movie spoilers in one take in under five minutes — this time, themed around horror movies.


Finally, if what you’re really looking forward to is the premiere of the zombie comic adaptation “The Walking Dead,” then AMC has an early Halloween surprise for you — a sneak peek at the first five minutes of this Sunday’s series premiere.

The Walking Dead – Opening Five Minutes Episode 1
Uploaded by dreadcentral. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.

Other Halloween content you love? Have a wicked new media costume you want to show off? Tell us in the comments!

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