WaPo Hawks Its Election Coverage On Twitter With A ‘Promoted Trend’

The Washington Post will be hawking its election day coverage by buying a “promoted trend” on Twitter, marking the first time that a news company has advertised its coverage there. Users who click on #Election among the list of Trends on the Twitter homepage will see a Tweet written by the Post.

Poynter Online has the most thorough write-up of the move, quoting a Twitter representative who harps that the buy will allow the Post “to lead the story cycle about the election on Twitter by maintaining a consistent presence” on the Twitter homepage on election day.

The ad unit has certainly been shown to be highly effective at driving click-throughs. The Post, however, is paying steeply for the placement. Reports put the price of a “promoted Trend” at as much as $100,000 a day, although that figure has been disputed.

That investment might be worth it for the Post, however, which needs to shake off any impression that it is behind the times online, considering the onslaught of competition from sites like Politico and the Huffington Post. The paper overhauled its politics site this spring to make it more of a standalone destination.