Brightcove Rolls Out Latest Platform Upgrade

Brightcove is unveiling the latest version of its white-label video platform, which builds on existing enhancements to make it better at serving up video across multiple online and mobile properties. The latest version, Brightcove 5, adds updated support for distribution and analytics for delivering and measuring videos sent to YouTube (s GOOG) and Apple (s AAPL) iOS devices.

Brightcove 5 basically adds to enhancements that the company rolled out as part of its last major release, which happened around the same time last year. With that release, Brightcove aimed to extend its video distribution platform to mobile devices, especially Apple iOS devices, with a mobile software development kit (SDK). Brightcove has improved that SDK to provide more features for navigation and playback on iOS and Google Android devices, while also adding Apple adaptive HTTP streaming capabilities to its toolset.

The new version also has enhanced analytics, including support for HTML5 video reporting that fits nicely with its Flash-based video reports. By enabling publishers to track HTML5 video plays in the same interface as plays that happen through the Flash player, Brightcove can help customers overcome one of the big issues that many have had publishing videos in an HTML5 video player, which is the inability to track views in the nascent web standard. But the analytics platform is also improved by adding player-level metrics and city-level geographic reports.

Brightcove 5 also includes YouTube syncing, which allows users to automatically have their videos distributed to the online video site with detailed metadata and tags attached. In addition, any videos that are updated or taken down will automatically be updated on the publisher’s YouTube page. This is done through interaction with the YouTube API, so that Brightcove customers don’t have to do any integration on their end.

Finally, Brightcove 5 includes new cross-platform video players to enable publishers to build a consistent look and feel across all their distribution points, whether they be online or mobile. The new version also includes video upload acceleration for all customers, a feature that was previously available only for Brightcove Enterprise customers.

The latest version of Brightcove’s platform is being rolled out as the company is rumored to be contemplating an IPO. The startup, which has raised nearly $100 million since being founded in 2004, has recently been investing heavily in growing its business, especially in international markets, and now has more than 2,300 customers worldwide.

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