Samsung Galaxy Tab Breakdown: $205 vs iPad $264

Breaking down the Samsung Galaxy Tab into a list of components shows the 16-GB, 3G tablet carries an estimated price tag of $205 to make. This compares to the iPad’s (s aapl) estimated cost to build of $264, a difference likely due to the iPad’s larger screen and form factor. The iSuppli Galaxy Tab teardown shows the component with the highest price tag is the 7-inch display module, consisting of the screen and the capacitive digitizer.

When this breakdown is compared to that of the 16-GB, 3G iPad, the Galaxy Tab’s lower price to build indicates Samsung has some wiggle room when push comes to shove. Our roundup of Tab pricing shows the cheapest retail price offered is $399, and it looks like deals could bring that lower while retaining profitability. The lower pricing would help Samsung compete with the iPad, especially given the extras (such as two cameras) on the Tab that are lacking on the iPad.

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