Is a Distributed Workforce Good for Business?

With the explosive growth of the mobile Internet, mobile web and cloud-basedsolutions for communication and collaboration, the worklife of a virtualemployee is getting better and easier.

At Net:Work 2010, GigaOM editors, research analysts and technology businessleaders will explore the enormous opportunities – and myriad challenges -presented by the new culture of work that we call the “human cloud.” Register for Net:Work today, and save $100.

Net:Work 2010 features a speaker line-up that represents the majorinfrastructure, product and service companies building and planning for thedistributed workforce of the future. Topics include:

  • Next-generation infrastructure.
  • Tools and technologies for the remote worker.
  • How companies can combat information overload for remote workers.
  • Case-studies of major companies who support a virtual workforce.

Net:Work will also feature 10 start-ups that are making collaboration andvirtual work better. Is your company building something for the human cloud?Apply to launch at Net:Work! Submissions for LaunchPad are due Nov. 1, 2010.