Nov. 2: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

It’s not always good news with cloud computing, and we saw that today with someone calling out Enomaly’s new SpotCloud, someone else detailing the difficulties of developing a mobile app in Windows Azure, and the Cloudscaling boss calling out the traditional definition of cloud computing.

Elasticity is NOT #Cloud Computing … Just Ask Google (From Cloudscaling blog) I love the guys at Cloudscaling because they’re thinking outside the box, but I think these types of debates are best left out of the public eye. It’s a nuanced, toe-may-toe/toe-mah-toe situation.

Enomaly’s SpotCloud and ‘The Case Against Commodity Cloud Exchanges’ (Redux) (From Sam Johnston) This is both a case of cloud-community infighting and an astute observation. I think both Enomaly and Zimory resemble grid-resource brokers from a few years ago, and they all require trust in a middleman.

Dell Skunkworks Brews ARM Server Future (From The Register) It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Dell led the industry in bringing ARM-based servers to market. Its Boomi acquisition today shows that Dell gets cloud computing and will take some chances.

Why Yelp Took Mrjob Open Source (From ZDNet) The thinking is that Yelp open sourced its Elastic MapReduce-based Hadoop job-distribution package in order to improve its service to compete with Google.  Will it be the biggest beneficiary, though?

Windows & .NET Watch: Banging My Head Against the Cloud (From Software Development Times) Microsoft has been getting a lot of love lately for its latest Windows Azure features, so here’s an article to ground some of that praise. Everything is not as easy as it seems, it seems.

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Image courtesy of  Arjen Bax.