BridgeURL: An Easy and Fast Way to Share Slideshows of Links

BridgeURL is a handy little free app that lets you gather together a collection of links and share them as a slideshow via a single URL. It’s useful for researching a project with your team, for example, or just for sharing a collection of cool sites with your friends on Twitter.

It’s simple and fast to use. No sign-up is required; just enter a title for your slideshow and your list of URLs and hit “Create Link.” Here’s an example I created earlier. The buttons to navigate forwards and backwards through the slideshow remain unobtrusive until you move your mouse pointer to one side of the window; and there are also buttons for opening the current site in a new window.

Note: Some webpages won’t work with BridgeURL because certain websites (Facebook, for example) don’t allow their content to displayed in IFRAMEs. It’s worth quickly checking that your slideshow displays all the pages correctly before sharing it.

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