Video: Dooble Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad

The iPad (s aapl) is so thin and sexy it’s almost a shame to bulk it up with a case. It does need protection, however, and a search will probably turn up over a hundred cases to choose from. I’m testing one which has an added twist to the usual case benefits. The Dooble Bluetooth Keyboard Case has a wireless keyboard embedded in the fake leather case that can turn the tablet into a typing machine. This video demonstrates all aspects of the case, including its shortcomings.


The keyboard isn’t a full-size model, due to the size of the iPad, and that takes a little getting used to for touch typists. The keys are rubbery and feel a little strange, but typing isn’t adversely affected. In the video, the case is shown open and closed, and the keyboard is demonstrated in operation. The video makes it clear how unappealing it is to use the iPad as a tablet while inside this case.

The case is sold online by Solid Line for $119.00, which is a hefty price. Those who need to frequently enter lots of text on the iPad may be able to justify that price, and get a case in the bargain. This Bluetooth keyboard is being sold under other names, as evidenced in our review of this Kensington KeyFolio case.

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