EspressoHD: Industrial-Strength 1080p Telepresence at a Lower Cost

In a world where distributed workforces become the norm, businesses will need to find solutions that enable their employees to stay connected with each other. One way to bridge the gap between workers and aid remote collaboration is to invest in telepresence technology. Businesses may have shied away from these solutions in the past as they’ve tended to be very expensive, but that cost is coming down all the time. XVD Corporation, a video technology manufacturer, launched its low-cost EspressoHD system in North America today. The small appliance offers full 1080p telepresence over a T1 line, interoperability with other telepresence systems, low power consumption and, unlike some other systems, can connect to up to five locations without an expensive and complicated multipoint control unit (MCU).

Here’s a rundown of the system’s key features:

  • Low bandwidth: EspressoHD delivers 1080 high definition over a T1, and is optimized to run on basic office broadband (less than a T1).
  • Easy to set up and run: EspessoHD works through Espresso VCS, a cloud-based video conferencing service with a monthly subscription fee. This does away with the need for an IT department to set up and run the system.
  • Low power consumption: EspressoHD draws just 25W; significantly less power than other comparable telepresence solutions. This makes it possible to make the unit portable. For example, health care organizations can use EspressoHD as a portable telepresence solution that can move into a patient’s room on a portable cart, running on a battery.
  • Interoperability: XVD plans to make the product interoperable with other telepresence systems. It should be the first solution to work with existing enterprise and consumer telepresence solutions.

EspressoHD has a list price of $5,000, less than competing commercial telepresence products. More detail can be found at the product’s website.

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