Hulu Plus Now Open to All (With $9.95 a Month to Spare)

Want Hulu Plus, but tired of waiting for your invitation? Well, the enemy of Dish Network (s DISH) executives announced today that the video host’s paid service is now open to anyone interested.

The blog post also adds 2010 Sony (s SNE) Bravia TVs to the list of connected devices that can access the service, and makes mention of new content additions to the Hulu Plus backlog, including four full seasons of Battlestar Galactica (which Netflix (s NFLX) itself only recently added.)

In addition, Hulu Plus will soon be available to all PlayStation users, not just those subscribed to the $50/year PlayStation Plus service. (This is good news for anyone who’s ever dealt with Sony’s disastrous credit card authorization system.)

No mention was made by Hulu of a rumored price cut that would drop the service from $9.95 to $4.95 a month, making it cheaper than Netflix Instant (with much of the same content).

However, by increasing its availability to devices like the Roku and TiVo, (s TIVO) Hulu Plus may be able to postpone such a move — at least temporarily.

Want to hear more about this from the horse’s mouth? Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is one of our featured keynote speakers at this year’s NewTeeVee Live. Get your ticket if you haven’t yet — it’s where all the cool kids will be next Wednesday, Nov. 10.

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