LG, MSFT Team Up for Free Windows Phone 7 Apps

LG (s lg) Electronics is teaming up with Microsoft (s msft) to help kick-start Windows Phone 7 through a promotion that will provide 10 free apps every 60 days. The free apps will be provided to owners of LG handsets running Windows Phone 7, and the selection will rotate every 60 days. The promotion is a move to help push the newly released Windows Phone 7 in a crowded smartphone market currently dominated by Android (s goog).

The free apps will cover a range of popular categories, from social networking to games, and will be available in the LG Application Store. LG is also working with Microsoft to produce its own free apps for distribution through the LG store to WP7 customers. LG handset owners can download the 10 free apps for 60 days, when the next cache of 10 free apps will be made available.

Korean electronics giant LG is using this promotion to push its own app store, even though Microsoft has the official Windows Marketplace for WP7 apps. This leads us to question the possibility of fragmentation in the market, a complaint often levied at the Android platform. The LG store could just be the first app store for WP7 apps outside Windows Marketplace, which defeats the purpose of a single online outlet for customers to shop when looking for apps. It doesn’t help that the LG store is not currently open for customers in the U. S.

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