Today in Cleantech

South Korea plans to spend some $15.8 billion on its smart grid over the coming six years — and IBM wants to have part of that business. Big Blue announced this morning that it was working with a Korean consortium building a smart grid test bed on the island of Jeju, with the role of integrating intermittent power from wind turbines — as well as load-shedding capabilities and on-site generation sources at facilities like steel mills and chemical factories — into the grid at large. It’s a complicated task, and IBM is working with Korean IT integrator POSCO on the project, which in turn is working with other Jeju Island consortium members like LG, KEPCO, SK Telecom and Hyundai Heavy Industries. This isn’t IBM’s first island-based smart grid project, by the way — it’s also linking electric and water meters into an integrated system or the island nation of Malta.