Hulu Closes Yet Another Google TV Loophole

Well, that was quick: Hulu closed a loophole that allowed access to its videos on Google TV (s GOOG) just hours after CrunchGear reported the workaround. CrunchGear noted late last night that Google TV users can access Hulu videos via Comcast’s (s CMCSA) website, with writer Matt Burns joking:

“But let’s keep this on the DL, m’kay? We don’t need the fat cats finding out about this little trick.”

Cats or not, someone obviously listened: We tried to replicate the trick today, but found that the Fancast video player used on simply timed out on us when accessed on a Logitech (s LOGI) Revue. Asked about this, a Hulu representative told us that the company was able to “identify the problem and fix it.”

Hulu didn’t go into any further details, but it looks like the issue at hand could be related to a customized Flash player used on Hulu has a few dozen distribution partners, and almost all of them simply reuse the site’s embeddable Flash player. Comcast, on the other hand, uses a branded player provided by

Still, I wouldn’t be too surprised if users would find other workarounds in the future. It looks like Hulu is sensing that this cat-and-mouse game can’t be won by closing loopholes alone: We were told that the company is in active discussions with Google to bring Hulu Plus to the Google TV platform.

(Hulu CEO Jason Kilar will be keynoting our NewTeeVee Live conference next Wednesday, and Google TV exec Rishi Chandra will also be on stage, so we’ll get both sides of this story. If you don’t have them already, get your tickets now!)

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