Nov. 5: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

IT is undergoing a series of transformations right now, a few of which were highlighted in today’s news and web commentary. Among them are Dell’s mission to change its business, major storage M&A, packaging hardware and software into integrated systems, and the ongoing transition of enterprise IT into the cloud.

Dell CFO Comments on Going Private, 3PAR Loss, and More (From SiliconANGLE) Dell certainly is a company in transition, and there’s plenty to speculate about going forward. Like why it’s building that new data center.

Cloudfather Withdraws After Isilon Blows It (From The Register) If EMC thought Isilon was asking too much, who else would buy it? Is Isilon destined to remain independent, or might it reenter the sales block a humbled courter?

Apple Gives Up on Xserve Dedicated Server Hardware – Looking Towards the Cloud? (From Tim Anderson’s ITWriting) Wouldn’t it be something if Apple revolutionized enterprise computing by perfecting the cloud server OS on a specialized device? The possibilities are rather intriguing, actually.

IBM Aims to Transform Its HPC Business (From HPCwire) This shouldn’t be too surprising considering the shift toward high-power systems being sold to mainstream customers. IBM has plenty of pieces it can package together into broadly applicable HPC offerings.

Internal Email on Why a Software Company Migrates Away from MySQL (From CloudAve) This is an interesting insider’s take on how Oracle’s ownership of Sun’s IP will affect the IT community. The author somewhat kids about migrating from Java next, but it might not be a terrible idea.

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