iPad 2 Ads Already Shot?

Rumor has it that Apple (s aapl) has already filmed ads for the next version of the iPadAccording to 9 to 5 Mac, British photographer David Sims (see video below) was chosen to create the ads late last month at New York’s Pier 59. As you can imagine, security was reportedly tight on the set. So much so that current generation iPads were used during filming, and will be replaced with newer models in post production, and all involved were required to sign non-disclosure agreements.


The choice of director is in keeping with Apple’s recent spate of hires for its commercials. Sam Mendes was responsible for the iPhone 4 FaceTime spots, and David Fincher shot some earlier iPhone advertisements. Apple doesn’t skimp when it comes to talent.

While the current iPad is undeniably a groundbreaking device, many are already wondering when features like the Retina Display and FaceTime will make an appearance on the tablet. News of these ads could be evidence that the wait will soon be over.

One concern is that, given the lack of any real tangible evidence of a forthcoming iPad 2, this could perhaps be a last minute holiday ad, as has happened before with what appeared to be new product shoots. Still, the timeline does fit, since Apple announced the first iPad last January, and only had to delay release three months to allow production to build up to levels sufficient for launch. This time around, with a robust production queue already in place, we could see the device reach consumer hands much sooner.

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