IAWTV Dumps Streamys for Its Own Awards Show

Looking forward to next year’s Streamy Awards? Well, whether or not they happen, the International Association of Web Television won’t be involved. This morning, the organization announced that it would be creating its own awards show to honor achievement in the web video space “benefiting web content creators.”

The Streamy Awards, a for-profit organization, were never the property of the non-profit IAWTV, and the IAWTV’s decision comes after months of negotiations between the IAWTV and the owners of the Streamy Awards, who are also the co-founders of Tubefilter.

“As a non-profit entity, there was an inherent conflict of interest in supporting the Streamy Awards which is a for profit awards show when the proceeds from any activity the IAWTV is involved in should go back to the community. We believe there is ample room for more than one award show in the space and wish the Streamys Awards success in its future endeavors,” Chairman of the IAWTV Board Michael Wayne said in the statement.

This both is and isn’t a surprise. On the one hand, previously both Tubefilter and the IAWTV had said they wanted to work together for next year’s awards show.

On the other hand, it’s well-known¬†this year’s Streamy Awards were full of fail — and that at least one sponsor was deeply upset about the show’s content. Ominously, Wayne’s initial response to the event, a few days afterwards, included the word “if.”

We’re currently seeking comment on this from all parties involved, and will update this story soon.

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