Slide CEO: Risks of OPP & Why Ad Models Don’t Work

In order to survive and continue playing on OPP, companies and developers need to think about how they add value to the platform, said Max Levchin, founder of Slide and co-founder of PayPal. OPP (no, not the song) means other people’s platforms.

Levchin has played on two platforms in his past lives; eBay (s ebay) was the reason why PayPal really took off, and later, Facebook helped Slide gain momentum. Levchin notes that the relationship between platforms and developers are “complicated” because of divergent business interests. “The platform judges you by what value you add to them,” he said.

In Part II of his video interview, he talks about PayPal’s turbulent early years and his perpetual fear of PayPal security being breached. From those tough years, and some straight talk from his wife, Levchin said that he learned how to “quit whining” and move forward.

In this conversation, Levchin laments the rise of advertising-based business models and explains why he chased what he calls the circus-business model. Needless to say, he is not a fan of the ad-based model. “I think advertising as a business model is fine, as it works for some people,” he quipped. “It is a scale business.”

Toward the end of the interview, he talks about the lack of desire for big breakthroughs in society. You’ll want to watch to the end.

Part II:


In Part 1 of the conversation, Levchin talked about his journey to the top.


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