Vid Biz: YouTube Topics, Cord Cutting, Vevo Success

YouTube Topics: A Better Way to Explore Web Video. Video site introduces contextual discovery to improve search experience. (Mashable)

The IPTV Revolution Will Be Television, Little More. European IPTV execs believe that hardly anything will change in their business. (paidcontent)

Cord Cutting Denial Alive and Well. Nielsen isn’t seeing any evidence for cord cutting yet. (DSL Reports)

Vevo Tops the Music Online Charts, comScore. The online music video site hit 55 million unique visitors in the U.S. in October, according to comScore. (

News Corp. Blames Government for Cablevision Blackout. According to News Corp.’s Chase Carey, the vague chance that government could have intervened is to blame for the fiasco. (DSL Reports)

isoHunt Revives Full Search After U.S. Traffic Tanks. BitTorrent search engine has reversed the change it made earlier this year, where all U.S. visitors were redirected to a “lite” version of the site to prevent it from being shut down. (TorrentFreak)