35 Hours of Video a Minute Now Uploaded to YouTube

Update that old statistic — more than 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube (s GOOG) every minute, Google’s Director of Product Management Hunter Walk announced at NewTeeVee Live today. But the conversation focused on YouTube’s increasing multi-platform approach to content distribution, with a focus moving, in Walk’s words, “from a device-centric world to a user-centered world.”

Hundreds of the YouTube partners contributing to that 35 hours a minute of video are now making six-figure annual incomes, Walk said, and YouTube is working to create more lightweight editing tools for users (presumably along the lines of the current YouTube editor).

The glut of content now being loaded onto YouTube means that the YouTube team, according to Walk, is focused on the question of discover, in an effort to create “sessions” for users as opposed to the viewing of single streams.

To that end comes the launch of YouTube Topics, a machine-oriented tagging system for YouTube videos that take user data from videos as well as other meta-data to create a broader picture of related content, as well as allowing users to filter search results with specific options.

And the aim is to have the YouTube audience engaging with that content across their computers as well as other devices. Walk said that there are currently 150 million mobile playbacks, and that YouTube Leanback is helping them move onto the television — or any large screen.

“People talk about TV Everywhere, but I think of it as content everywhere,” Walk said. “People want to connect with content they care about, and they want it on every screen.”

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