Cutting the Cord With Sprint TV [on Video]

As our new Cord Cutters feature makes clear, many folks are trying to ditch expensive paid TV in favor of alternatives that give users more control over what they watch. Sprint (s s) smartphone owners have the free Sprint TV service, and while it won’t replace the primary video services, it’s a great way to catch up on favorite programs while on the go.


Sprint TV gives free access to a varied selection of content, including ESPN (s dis), ABC, NBC (s ge) and CBS (s cbs). Not all content on the service is free — some requires subscription fees — but a good selection is included in the basic service. This video demonstrates the high quality of the streaming video, and the simple touch operation to watch the shows. Full episodes of major U.S. network TV shows are available on Sprint TV, and outside of a short ad at the beginning of each one, the shows are without commercial interruption.

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