Software Can Bridge the Divide for Internet TV Viewers

The fight for the TV audience doesn’t have to be a face off between the walled gardens of cable and satellite companies and new connected devices, said Buddy Snow, senior director of solutions marketing for Motorola Mobility’s broadband home solutions at the NewTeeVee Live conference. He said the two can co-exist and create a winning proposition for consumers.

The key, he said, will be a layer of management software in the cloud that will support any network, device, application or location. By tying this all together with access to social networks and advertising, both users and the various players involved can benefit. “It’s not a conflict between walled gardens and non-walled gardens, it’s which company can leverage the ecosystem to do interesting things for the consumer to make their lives better,” he said.

Though he didn’t cite it by name, Snow seems to be pointing to Motorola Medios, a software suite that is aimed at managing media across multiple screens and deploying new TV services. Snow cited Motorola research that found that consumers want a constant experience between devices and they demand connectivity with the community at all times. And people want companion services that can augment their viewing experience. He said companies can put it together will reap the rewards.