The Future of the Screen is the App

The new media screen is about a single space, layered with the audience’s and brand’s content, said Dale Herigstad, Chief Creative Officer for Schematic at NewTeeVee Live 2010 on Wednesday. In contrast to the traditional TV and PC screen, which has various pages and screens for different media, the future of the next-generation screen looks a lot more like an iPhone app, says Herigstad.

Herigstad, who is the creative force at new media marketing company Schematic, focuses on three aspects in his daily work: layers, spaces, and channels. Sounds like jargon?

It is, partly, but Schematic has made interactive branding experiences for everyone from Google (s GOOG) to Comcast to Coca-Cola to NBC. And don’t forget, Herigstad says, at the end of the day the audience feels like it owns the screen and the branding experience. Don’t ever forget that. Check out his comments below:

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