The Social Innovation of Glee!

The celebrity tweet: good or bad? Discuss. According to Hardie Tankersley, VP of Innovation at Fox Broadcasting Company, the celebrity (or character) tweet is crucial to extending the brand, although sometimes it’s gotten the company into trouble.

One example of a successful Twitter campaign has been around the television show Glee! Tankersley said the characters all have their own Twitter feeds, which the writers populate and which “are damn funny.” The actors themselves have their own Twitter feeds, too, which can sometimes be even more popular than the character feeds, said Tankersley. Though, he admitted that letting a young staff tweet at will sometimes made the network nervous.

Celebrities have embraced Twitter over the past year with various success, from Demi Moore’s tweeted bikini shots to Lindsey Lohan’s personal ranting tweets. But with a little coordination, and a dose of a network that gets new media content, the coordinated celebrity tweet can go a long way to building a better brand.

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