Hard Copy Pro — Instapaper App for Android

If you spend a lot of time on the web as I do, you are likely well acquainted with Instapaper, the service that lets you capture web articles for reading later. The only thing I don’t like about Instapaper is the lack of a native Android app for my phone, as often that’s the device at hand when I have time to catch up on some reading. That’s where Hard Copy Pro comes to my rescue, as it’s a good Android app that works with my online Instapaper account.

The app is a simple reader designed for fast operation. Articles are organized in three tabs: Unread, Starred and Archived. These work as expected, and to read an article in any of the tabs just tap it. The article opens up in the reader, complete with any images, with a very simple display. When an article is displayed, hitting the Menu key pops up selections for starring, archiving, deleting, sharing the article or opening it up in the phone’s web browser.

Hard Copy can be configured to sync with the user’s Instapaper account in the background at a specified time interval, ensuring that new articles saved on other devices are present when needed. The reading screen is configurable, with control over the font used to display articles among other visual settings. There’s a free version of Hard Copy that contains ads, and a paid version (which I use) that eliminates the ads and adds some features for $1.99. Both are available in the Android Market.

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