NewTeeVee Live 2010 in the News!

Of course we were excited about all the amazing news that was announced at our NewTeeVee Live conference yesterday, but we weren’t the only ones that took notice — news organizations like the Associated Press, USA Today, TechCrunch, Reuters and others reported breaking news from our show.

Here’s just some of the coverage that we got for NewTeeVee Live. If we missed something, let us know!

Hulu more than doubles its revenue (Broadband TV News)

Hulu CEO Talks about Its Annoying Ads (PC World)

Hulu revenue doubles to $240 million (

Hulu releases financial data (USA Today)

Summary Box: Hulu to Double Annual Sales to $240M (ABC News)

Hulu update: 260 million shows in October, $240 million in 2010 (Seattle Times)

Hulu on track to generate $240 million in revenue this year (Los Angeles Times)

Hulu’s CEO says revenue to more than double this year (Reuters)

Hulu hits 30 million users, $240 million in revenue (Electronista)

Hulu’s New Economics: $240 Million In 2010 Revenue (AdAge)

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar on the Future of TV Advertising Online (UberGizmo)

Hulu to Double Online Ad Revenue (MediaWeek)

Hulu Projects $240 Million In Revenue In 2010 (TechCrunch)

Hulu Revenue to Hit $240 Million in 2010; Up From $108M in ’09 (Digital Media Wire)

Hulu To Double Its Revenue To $240 Million This Year (Mediaite)

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Boasts of $240 Million Revenues, 30 Million Subscribers (Fast Company)

Hulu Expects $240M In Revenues In 2010 (SoCal Tech)

Hulu and the Future of TV (Streaming Media)

Hulu Makes Good, But What About Others? (Zatz Not Funny!)

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Eyes More Than $240M in Revenue for 2010 (The Hollywood Reporter)

Hulu’s Kilar: We’re Going to Make You Love Ads (Fast Company)

Hulu Boasts $240 Million in Revenues as Hulu Plus for PS3 Launches (Black Web 2.0)

Hulu more than doubles revenues this year (FT TechBlog)

Hulu: 2010 Ad Rev To Top $240 Mil (MediaPost)

Hulu CEO Claims $240 Million 2010 Revenue (Maximum PC)

Summary Box: Hulu to double revenue to more than $240 million this year, mostly from ad sales (Associated Press)

Hulu to double revenue to $240M-plus this year (Associated Press)

Twitter’s Robin Sloan on TV at NewTeeVee Live (WebNewser)

There Are 90 Million Tweets Per Day, And A Lot Are TV Related (TechCrunch)

Twitter: Please Tweet While You Watch TV (PC World)

Twitter: Watch TV and Tweet simultaneously! (TellyCafe)

Twitter Drives Crowds Back to Must-See, Live, Appointment TV (Fast Company)

Twitter Getting 90 Million Tweets Per Day – TV Users Love It (Connected Internet)

Twitter and the Future of TV (Mashable)

Twitter: Please Tweet While You Watch TV (PC World)

Google TV: We’re Not Replacing Cable (Fast Company)

Google says GTV won’t replace networks, FOX blocks GTV anyway (Androinica)

Google TV product lead Rishi Chandra on stage at NewTeeVee Live 2010 (GTVHub)

Google Sucks Up To Broadcasters Blocking GoogleTV (DSL Reports)

Google tries calming fears of jittery TV networks (Ars Technica)

Google TV Product Lead: “We’re Not Trying To Replace Cable” (TechCrunch)

Google TV exec downplays threat to networks (Electronista)

Google To TV Industry: ‘Yes, Yes, Cord Cutting Is A Myth; Google TV Is Nothing To Fear’ (TechDirt)

Even Merton Hasn’t Been On Chatroulette In Months (TechCrunch)

Adaptive Path on Streaming Video: 5 Basic Viewer Needs (Uber Gizmo)

NBA Mobile Moves to a Freemium Strategy (Fast Company)

BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen On BitTorrent’s Future (TorrentFreak)