Nov. 12: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

It’s a big news Friday for the cloud computing and NoSQL communities. On the NoSQL front, Microsoft is giving Membase and MongoDB some love, while CouchOne distances itself from the term. In the cloud world, there was another revenue prediction, Appistry and Dell teaming on cloud storage, and Eucalyptus potentially working with OpenStack.

Microsoft Coaches NoSQL Options for Azure Cloud (From The Channel Register) Microsoft is working with 10gen on MongoDB, with Membase, and with Monty Widenius’s latest project. PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and a bunch of database integrations would make Azure even scarier to AWS.

Moving Away from NoSQL: Why Size Matters and Small is Better (From the CouchOne blog) This is both a good idea and a bad idea. Dropping “NoSQL” from marketing will stop CouchOne from getting lumped into that camp (see MarkLogic), but it also means the sales team loses an icebreaker.

Chatting with Eucalyptus Co-founder about OpenStack (From Barton George’s blog) Eucalyptus working with OpenStack would be a big deal, but it’s tough to gauge what that might mean right now. Eucalyptus has the history, but OpenStack has the mojo right now.

Cloud Computing Market Will Reach $16.7bn in 2013 (From Data Center Knowledge) From the another-day-another-cloud-prediction department. This one seems more realistic, though, perhaps because it separates core cloud services like IaaS and storage.

Appistry and Dell Showcase Private Storage Cloud Solution (From the Appistry Blog) Another possibly important partnership for Dell, and a very important one for Appistry. Actually, with its middleware and scale-out storage products, Appistry could be a good fit within Dell …

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