Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBCU, Boxee Box, Adobe Flash

Comcast to Unveil NBC Universal Reorganization; the new, “flatter” structure will give Comcast COO Steve Burke more direct oversight of the company’s biggest assets: cable and broadcast television networks. (Wall Street Journal)

Why Boxee’s Box Doesn’t Matter -– And Why It Does; Boxee’s plan is both clear and a bit undefined: It wants to get its software on as many devices as possible, and then it wants to build some kind of business based on advertising, consumer payments or both. (MediaMemo)

Adobe Flash For Samsung’s Google Tab Is An Embarrassing Disaster; Kind of almost like it was shockingly bad. (The Business Insider)

Xbox Used for Games Only 60 Percent of the Time; Dennis Durkin, corporate VP and COO of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, said 40 percent of Xbox Live members in the U.S. spend their time on non-gaming activities. (CNET)

Where Does Google TV Go From Here?; if you expected to watch popular shows for free via Google TV, it is time to panic, as networks are preventing the software platform, from streaming to consumers’ TVs the same content that’s available for free on the Web. (CNET)

Trouble at Paramount: Marvel Leaves & Katzenberg’s Restless; while Paramount commands an impressive share of the market — second only to Warner Bros. domestically — it doesn’t actually own its biggest blockbusters. (The Wrap)

BBC, BT Partner to Bring iPlayer to BT Vision; BT Vision will introduce BBC iPlayer over the next five months, in a phased release starting in early December. (press release)