Offers to Bundle Your Links figures if one link is great, why not a bundle? The popular URL shortening service has added a new feature that allows a user to collect multiple links, up to 100, on a single page that can be shared with users.

This will be helpful for people who end up sending out multiple tweets on a similar topic and may help slow down your stream if you follow prolific tweeters. But in a more profound way, it can be used to create resources for others based on your thoughts on a topic. Say you’re thinking of sharing the best Mexican restaurants in New York City, you can just collect all the links on one page, complete with annotations, and share that link with people. Friends can build their own bundle based on your initial list.

The landing page is more than just a list of links. It features rich media previews of pictures and videos, all powered by, another Betaworks company. John Borthwick, CEO of Betaworks, said the idea came from conversations about the need for more curation of content as well as an observation about the growing tendency for people to send out multiple links.

This makes a lot of sense to me, being able to take what you know and turn it into a lasting resource, not just a fleeting tweet. If bundles catches on, people can turn to their friends more for things that they might have used a search engine for.

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