Podcast Rundown Part 2: Audio for on the Go

There are plenty of great podcasts out there to choose from, but we’ve got the best of the audio variety right here to scratch your Mac (s aapl) itch. While all the TWiT-centric video podcasts in part one of my podcast roundup have companion audio feeds, these radio-styled talk shows are much better choices for your iPhone (s aapl) or iPod touch.

Podcaster On The Go

Audio Podcasts for iPhone/iPod Touch

TWiT TV’s The Tech Guy. (iTunes Link) Leo Laporte is the Chuck Norris of all tech-based talk shows on any format. Leo may be trying to record every moment of his life, given the number of shows he’s involved with. With audio and video podcasts, and traditional over-the-air shows, it’s amazing he finds the time to tweet. While Leo tends to be more Mac-focused than PC, the tech discussions can go either way.

The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab. (iTunes Link) Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun have been with The Mac Observer for a long time, and have been producing a quality podcast for almost as long. Their enthusiasm never seems to die out. The depth of knowledge they have regarding Mac-related technologies is proven over and over. There’s also an enhanced iTunes version with premium content, but you can only grab it through iTunes.

The MacCast. (iTunes Link) For Mac geeks by Mac geeks. With five years of history behind him, Adam Christianson is another veteran of all things Mac. The variety that each show has to offer is refreshing. Adam is very articulate, and you can easily visualize the detailed step-by-step walk-througsh typically included in each show.

Mac OS Ken. (iTunes Link) A quick podcast bringing you the latest Mac news — all of the latest Mac news. Ken Ray has a familiar format that’s often imitated. At times, you expect a full-on rant to ensue, but Ken manages to pull back and keep to the facts with just enough commentary to keep things interesting. This podcast even has its own iOS app.

For Mac Eyes Only. (iTunes Link) Beyond the quick tips, the weekly program is a collection of how-tos mixed in with news and rumors being discussed online.

Listening to Podcasts

Lately, I’ve been trying to steer clear of having to sync daily. I use MobileMe to keep my bookmarks, contacts, calendar and notes in sync when on the go. I have my favorite albums on hand and utilize services like Pandora to fulfill my other music needs. Podcasts, on the other hand, are very time-based, and it wasn’t until I found Podcaster for $1.99 in the App Store (iTunes link) that I was able to wean my iPhone completely off of its dependence on iTunes. Without having to search all over again for my favorite podcasts, I was able to export the OPML file from iTunes, upload and share the file from my MobileMe iDisk, and import the URL into Podcaster. That way, my iPhone will always grab the most current content automatically.

Think we’re missing any truly great audio podcasts? Please share in the comments.

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