IAB: Brand Dollars Are Back, As Q3 Ad Revs Jump 17 Percent

Not that there was any doubt, but it looks like online advertising’s comeback continued through Q3, according to the latest figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and its research partner PwC. Internet ad revenues rose 17 percent in Q3, reaching $6.4 billion — yes, another record-breaking period — as advertisers shifted more brand campaigns to online, said David Silverman, a partner at PwC.

Last month, the IAB and PwC released numbers for the first half of the year and Q2. Spending online was up 11.3 percent to $12.1 billion in h110, while Q2 was particularly robust, rising 13.9 percent to $6.18 billion. The higher Q3 numbers show appear to demonstrate that the recovery isn’t running out of steam, despite continued worries about the wider U.S. and global economy. That’s particularly important as the end of the crucial holiday season spending gets under way.

Most major forecasters have been pretty positive about the end of this year and expect the spending to keep rising well into next year as well.

There was a lot of hand-wringing about the value of display advertising during the last two years of the recession. But it mainly showed that turning difficult times, branding campaign dollars are pulled back as marketers concentrate more on advertising that will yield direct sales. So it would seem that the recession merely interrupted the momentum of ad dollars from traditional to online. As long as the economy doesn’t worsen, those trends will almost certainly continue. Release