Gift a Kindle E-book via Email This Year

Amazon (s amzn) is bringing the e-book more in line with the paper variety, with the ability to give Kindle e-books as gifts this year. The giver doesn’t have to worry about getting the e-book to the recipient as it is done with just an email address. Giving that special book to a friend or family member is always a good gift, and now that includes the digital variety.

To give a Kindle book requires selecting the desired e-book on the Kindle web site and indicating it’s a gift. Amazon asks for the email address of the recipient and sends an email indicating the book has been given. They can retrieve the e-book on any Kindle, smartphone or other device that handles Kindle books.

It has always been possible to give e-books with a gift card, but this method brings the personal touch to the gift-giving. Those of us who like to give a special book to someone get joy from the giving, as does the recipient of the gift. Amazon has figured this out and personalized the process.

Amazon isn’t the only one personalizing the digital economy. Both Pandora and Netflix (s nflx) now offer gift subscriptions that can make the perfect gift for that special someone on your gift list. The days of the generic gift card may be drawing to a close, and gift givers will likely be more willing to buy a personal digital gift as a result. Here’s hoping Apple (s aapl) figures this out.

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