Who Needs Broadcast? Miss California Goes Over-the-Top

Normally, the Miss California USA contest culminates in a winner being announced on broadcast TV, but this year the pageant is doing things a little bit differently, streaming the entire three-day program over the Internet.

When the Miss California USA presentation kicks off at 7:00 p.m. Pacific tonight, viewers will be able to stream the event live to their PCs, mobile devices and even to their TVs if they have a Roku box hooked up. That’s because the whole show forgoing traditional media outlets for a livestream created by Dyyno, which will be able to deliver the video to Apple iPhone and Android mobile devices through the Justin.tv app, as well as through Dyyno’s streaming channel on Roku broadband set-top boxes.

The stream will also have a social networking component, thanks to Dyyno’s presence on Facebook. The pageant aims to emphasize the social aspect with two new awards for “contestants who successfully leverage social networking skills with Facebook and Twitter”: Miss Friends and Miss People’s Choice.

“Due to two new awards which capitalized on social media revolution that Dyyno helped us pioneer and the fact that Dyyno offers viewing across major platforms including Roku, PCs, Justin.tv, mobile phones, and Facebook, the Miss California USA organization decided to go with Dyyno rather than traditional media outlets to live stream the pageant,” pageant spokesperson Kenn Henman said in an email.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Miss California USA didn’t have much of a choice in its distribution methods. Scandal related to Miss California 2009 winner Carrie Prejean — including nude photos and negative comments about gay marriage — might have sullied the brand just a bit, making it less likely that a broadcaster would jump on board. Even so, live events like the Miss California pageant are making their way online and to mobile devices is a potentially positive development.

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