Cord Cutters: Is The Boxee Box the Solution for You?

We’re now on our sixth episode of Cord Cutters, and this week’s featured device has plenty of fans and detractors: the Boxee Box, now finally available for purchase. What does our own Janko Roettgers think about it? Check it out below.


Also, reader Derek White takes Ryan Lawler through his setup for watching television sans cable, and we feature the Yahoo web series Stiller and Meara — just in case you aren’t seeing your parents over the holidays, and want to hang out with Ben Stiller’s parents instead.

We’ve been thrilled by all the stories we’ve received from cord-cutters around the world, but if you haven’t told us how you get your TV fix, please hit us up on Twitter or via email with photos, videos and stories.

Also, get excited for next week: It’s our Holiday Gift Guide, featuring all of the must-have cord-cutting devices for the cable-free folks in your life. You might consider holding off on your Christmas shopping until then.

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