A Handy List of Web Worker Holiday Excuses

Realistically, how many of your family members really understand what you do as a web worker? I’ve already written a couple of holiday posts about how hard it is to answer the dreaded question, “what do you do?,” along with providing some humorous suggestions for creative ways to answer. Spending time with non-techie family members can cause some stress over the holidays for those of us who don’t want to completely disconnect from the Internet for business or personal reasons. In many family situations, you can probably use this lack of understanding about what you do to your advantage.

Want to get a little work done or check in with your friends on ?Twitter? Here are a few handy excuses that you can use when you want to escape your family for a little work or online play:

  • Just give me a few more minutes to watch this software compile.
  • It only looks like I’m checking Twitter. You can’t see the other work I’m doing because it happens inside the computer.
  • I’m finishing a job for a very important top-secret client, but shhhh, it’s a secret.
  • Wait, don’t look! I’m buying presents online, and you don’t want to ruin the surprise.
  • I need to check Twitter / Facebook / other social networking website because I have important business clients that I need to keep track of.
  • I’m not playing this game for fun. This is research for some work I’m doing for another top-secret project.
  • I need some quiet time alone in a room to write this blog post. If I get interrupted, I might lose my work and have to start over.
  • I need some airplane reading for the trip home, so I need to stay online until these books finish downloading. They’re kind of big; this might take a while.
  • I was just looking up some new cookie recipes to surprise you with something new for dessert.
  • I’m working on something terribly boring. Trust me, you don’t want any more details.
  • It may look like web surfing, but I’m really looking for new clients. You wouldn’t want me to run out of money and move home, would you?

What are your favorite excuses for getting in a little extra online time during the holidays?


  • Yes, these are meant to be humorous suggestions, not serious ones.
  • Dear mom and other family members: No, I would never use any of these excuses with you.

Photo by Jacob Enos used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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