How to (and How Not to) Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated holiday: Once you figure out where and with whom you’re eating, the menu can be pretty traditional. When it comes to cooking your turkey, though, things can go very, very good or very, very bad.

For tips on classic American cuisine, it’s hard to go wrong with Martha Stewart — especially when she gets Russell Crowe to help out with prepping the bird.


But for a more low-fi approach to your turkey (as well as some incredibly tasty-looking side dishes), here’s Working Class Foodies’ fail-proof Thanksgiving dinner:

Now, for the don’ts: When it comes to the best way to not ruin your family’s Thanksgiving and/or house, one thing is pretty clear: Play it safe; don’t deep fry it. That’s what the below PSA strongly encourages.


This point is made explicitly clear by Tampa Bay’s MJ Morning Show, which did a demonstration of what might happen if you were to deep-fry your turkey in the home.


Whether deep-fried or not, the important thing is that we hope you enjoy whatever you end up eating today — and that you have a happy Thanksgiving.

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