Sony Joins Android/iPhone E-book Reader Fray

The Sony (s sne) Reader has been out longer than some of the e-readers on the market, but the company hasn’t joined in the smartphone app wars until now. The company has confirmed it will make Sony Reader apps available in December for both the iPhone (s aapl) and the Android (s goog) platforms. The move comes in time for the holidays, and perhaps the thought is to drive sales of both its electronic reader and digital content.

Amazon (s amzn) and Barnes & Noble (s bks) have provided smartphone reader apps that handle content from their respective stores since day one of the availability of the Kindle and Nook e-readers. The e-book business is a two-pronged effort, consisting of both device and content sales. Sony is late joining the smartphone party, but it should drive sales of e-books at the Reader Store.

The Kindle has been a hot ticket item for some time according to Amazon, and the recent release of the NookColor is Barnes & Noble’s effort to eat into Amazon’s sales. Sony has a battle on its hands competing with these two companies, and the release of the reader apps should help level the field. The ability to read Sony e-books on millions of smartphones in addition to the Reader devices may lead to more sales of both e-books and devices. Would you be more open to a Sony Reader device once you can read content on your phone?

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