The Morning Lowdown 11.30.10

»  In creating his online-only periodical, The Daily, Rupert Murdoch is doing something rare: creating a publication from the ground up, rather than reinventing an old one. But will it work? Many observers and competitors doubt it. [New York magazine; The Guardian]

»  Hulu is facing more tension from its ad sales partners, particularly NBC Universal (NYSE: GE), which has long felt irked over who gets to control the ad sales for its programming on the video streaming site. [Variety]

»  Here’s one survey that answers why there’s a gap in what marketers spend online and offline: about 43 percent of respondents to an AdweekMedia/Harris Poll said that they ignored banner ads, while 20 percent disregarded search ads. Only 14 percent said they turn a blind eye to TV ads, while 7 percent turn a deaf ear to radio commercials. [Adweek]

»  Once upon a time, the internet was free of advertising. For those who don’t remember or didn’t experience that period, you can get an extension to your Chrome and Firefox browsers called AdBlock Plus, which magically sheds all advertising from the sites you visit. [AdAge]

»  It’s been a year since BusinessWeek was sold to Bloomberg, and another website overhaul is in the works. [Talking Biz News]

»  Geo-location services aren’t just a tool for advertising side to use to drive more revenue. Newsrooms can employ geo-targeting to glean the trends, news or events that might be getting attention in specific sites. It represents a new layer of information and sources on top of the current favorite news sharing provided by Twitter and Facebook. [Poynter]