More Money for Private Cloud — Abiquo Scores $10M

Cloud startup Abiquo has closed a $10 million Series B funding round, bringing its total thus far to $15.75 million. The company began in Barcelona, Spain, but is now headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., which explains the global nature of its investors Balderton Capital, Nauta Capital and Eurecan. Abiquo sells internal-cloud management software, making it one of many startups and established vendors fighting to establish a foothold in what many experts think will be a very lucrative market over the next few years.

Unlike some internal-cloud vendors that aim to replicate Amazon EC2 (s amzn) on-premise, Abiquo focuses on providing an enterprise-class IaaS experience. In Abiquo parlance, this means control at every layer: IT administrators, business units and individual users. Regardless where the cloud resources come from (on-premise, managed or the public cloud), Abiquo’s software maintains a safe separation and allows for tight policy control. That is, business units are broken down into distinct “virtual enterprises” that each have their own management views; business users have limited access within their virtual enterprises; and no one but IT has access to the underlying infrastructure. It’s certainly a unique, albeit somewhat limiting, approach to cloud management, and has attracted a few large users, including Ericsson (s eric) and Telefonica (s tef).

As we’ve pointed out on several occasions, however, the internal, or private, cloud space is full of competition: VMware (s vmw), CA (s ca), Nimbula, Eucalyptus,, and the list goes on. If it plays it cards right, Abiquo has as good a chance as anybody to cash in once organizations outside the service-provider community actually start investing in internal clouds.

Cash image courtesy of Flicker user aresauburn.

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