Moxie Software’s Spaces Can Fix Problems in Real Time

Moxie Software‘s Spaces platform provides businesses with “online engagement spaces” for both employees and for customers. One such business is Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which uses Moxie’s products to better manage collaboration. The company has built a community of employees, as well as vendors and other trusted partners, that can solve supply chain disruptions in more than forty factories in real time.

The tools that many organizations use differentiate between employees, customers and partner organizations, making it difficult to work with members of each group within the same set of tools. An integrated solution, like Moxie’s, makes sense: your team needs to only learn to use one software package, and there’s less chance of miscommunication because something didn’t get transferred properly between tools. Bridging the distance between internal and external communities can streamline the processes necessary to actually get your work done.

New Spaces: The Winter 2010 Release

Spaces was designed in collaboration with IDEO, a design firm specializing in innovative solutions. The software is designed to reflect the way employees typically work as closely as possible, making it easier to add Spaces to existing workflows, and was developed with the goal of bridging the gap between social CRM and Enterprise 2.0.  It should make information easy to share, even inside large organizations with many stakeholders who may not actually be employees of the company. Last month, Moxie Software released an updated version of Spaces, integrating Moxie’s Knowledgebase tools with the employee engagement space offered in Spaces. The Winter 2010 release improves integration, making it easier for an organization’s members to collaborate together, as well as work with customers to solve problems.

The updates in the Winter 2010 release include:

  • Integration with SharePoint (s ibm): Access SharePoint’s document repository, workflow and approval capabilities from within the tool.
  • Integration with MS Exchange (s msft): Calendar synchronization and ability to email content into discussion groups.
  • Enhanced micro-blogging with real-time notifications
  • Enhanced projects, which allows employees to collaborate around projects
  • Virtual Private Cloud for companies that require a segmented/private location for their data

See Tom Kelly, President and CEO of Moxie Software, and Doug Solomon, CTO of IDEO, speak about “Key Design Principles for Maximizing the Value of Collaborative Technology” at our Net:Work conference in San Francisco on Dec. 9.

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