Rhianna, Eminem & Bieber Making Millions on YouTube?

Videos from artists like Rhianna, Eminem and Justin Bieber have the potential to rake in millions for the major-label owned video distribution platform VEVO, according to estimates from YouTube (s GOOG) app maker MYU2B.

The Ohio-based start-up just launched a new site that tracks the view count of 13,000 YouTube channels, complete with daily revenue estimates. Rhianna is currently the top earner, and her 4 million daily video views translate to roughly $3300 of revenue per day, which would add up to $1.2 million per year. She is followed by Eminem and Justin Bieber, who both bring in $2700 per day (close to $1 million per year each).

The site makes it possible to drill down further and explore which videos of any given publisher are the most profitable. Eminem, for example, owes much of his YouTube success to Rhianna: Their collaboration on Love the Way You Lie brings in an estimated $933 per day. His Real Slim Shady classic, on the other hand, only generates some $28 per day.

All of these numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt and regarded as rough estimates rather than actual income. MYU2B explains on its site that the revenue numbers represent “an estimated earning potential of a channel or video, based on the number of views, earning an average CPM of known YouTube partner channels.” In other words: The numbers could be way off if YouTube ends up selling ads with a higher CPM around certain content, which is entirely possible when it comes to music videos. YouTube didn’t respond in time to comment on the accuracy of these estimates, but YouTube has said in the past it pays different partners different CPMs.

The numbers nonetheless show how important music video content has become to YouTube. Eight of the ten top earners are musicians or labels, and five of them are VEVO acts. Two of VEVO’s artists — Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga — recently surpassed a billion views on YouTube each.

Check out VEVO President and CEO Rio Caraeff talking about the rise of the music video at our recent NewTeeVee Live conference below: