GameStop Turns To IGN For Content As Part Of Digital Strategy

Video game retailer GameStop is partnering with News Corp.’s IGN in its latest attempt to expand its website beyond e-commerce. Under a two-year agreement the two companies reached earlier this week, IGN will license content from its network of sites to GameStop. GameStop had already been running some ads on its site, and IGN will now take over those ad sales and also sell ads against its own content on the site.

In an interview, GameStop SVP of digital commerce Shawn Freeman described the effort as part of his company’s strategy to establish its website as an “important portal and destination for gamers online.” He said the company wants to make the site a place where gamers can read about games and play games online, in addition to a site where people go to buy physical titles. As part of the effort, GameStop purchased online game site Kongregate in June. That site is now prominently linked to from the top of the GameStop home page.

The deal with IGN should also increase GameStop’s sales of physical games since IGN will now be including links to GameStop whenever it mentions a game that GameStop sells. IGN, meanwhile, gets to increase the reach of ads on its sites. Kara Swisher, who first reported on the arrangement, says the traffic of the two sites is being “combined” meaning IGN will be able to add GameStop’s 7.2 million monthly uniques to its 28.9 million — in ComScore’s eyes, at least.