Voice Rules With Simple Tools

Renee Niemi, SVP Plantronics, at Net:Work 2010With remote work comes the need for tools and devices that are so simple that they allow you to focus on the work at hand, the communications, the conversation. At GigaOM’s Net:Work conference, Renee Niemi, SVP of Communication Solutions¬†at hands-free solutions developer¬†Plantronics, unveiled several new devices and an app to simplify connecting to calls and supporting voice communications. According to a study the company conducted, a third of workers surveyed spent a good 50 percent of their time working away from their office with over 75 percent frequently using dial-in and voice services.

The first product that will hit the shelves in 2011 is the Calistro 825, a speakerphone unit that lets you access and toggle between calls from either your mobile device or PC-based phone. The included microphone clip allows you to move around while you talk. The device can become a single phone for all of your phones on different platforms.

The next product is the Voyager Pro UC based on the company’s award-winning noise-canceling bluetooth technology that can tap into both your mobile and PC-based phones. You can push a button to toggle from call to call and via different devices, and the system will sync to notify the phone you’re not using that you’re busy on a call.

The headset also includes smart sensor technology so it “knows” when you’re wearing it and when you’re not. You can simply remove the headset to pause audio as needed. When you return it to your ear, the audio is back on and you can easily resume your call.

The last tool is a mobile phone app called Instant Meeting that gives you one-touch conference call access. The system scans your Outlook calendar for conference calls then pops up a reminder to you for the call. With one click, the app adds you in the call, dialing both the conference call number and access codes required. No longer do you have to deal with accidentally misdialing and having to start over again or to fumble for the number of your call when your call is dropped. If you’ve used the app to connect to a call, if you are dropped off the call, the app pops up a message offering to reconnect you which you can trigger with one touch.

Niemi emphasized that new tools should allow you to focus on the conversation, block out the noise, and simply communicate.”

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